Is Pakistan Trying To Make Things Right With The United States?

With the US, Pakistan has had a tumultuous relationship over the past few decades. Recently, Islamabad has been trying to mend ties with Washington despite its many differences. Will this effort work out in Pakistan’s favor?

Background of the relationship between the US and Pakistan

Pakistan has been an important ally of the United States for many years. The two countries have a strong military relationship and share a long history of cooperation. However, recent events have caused some tension between the two countries.

Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been strained for a number of reasons. First, there have been increasing tensions between the United States and China over their conflicting interests in Afghanistan. This has created competition for influence in that country, and Pakistan has sided with China. Pakistan also opposes U.S.-sponsored sanctions against Russia, which may be hurting its economy.

Another source of tension is U.S. support for terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan’s tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. These groups are opposed by the Pakistani government, but they continue to operate within Pakistani territory with U.S. support. This creates resentment among the Pakistani population, which is compounded by allegations that American personnel provides intelligence to these groups from inside Pakistani borders.

Some observers believe that Pakistan is trying to make things right with the United States in order to improve its relationships with other major powers. Others believe that Islamabad is simply biding its time until relations with Washington improve on its own. Whatever the reason, it remains an obstacle to improved bilateral ties.

Causes of tensions in the relationship

Relations between Pakistan and the United States have been tense for years, but recently things seem to be getting a bit better. There are a few reasons why tensions may be decreasing between these two nations.

First of all, Pakistan seems to be working hard to improve its relationship with other countries. In February of this year, Pakistan hosted a meeting between representatives from China, India, and the United States to discuss the construction of a new trade corridor. This is significant because it shows that Islamabad is willing to work with different countries in order to get what it wants.

Another reason why tensions may be decreasing between Pakistan and the United States is that Islamabad is cooperating more with Washington on counterterrorism issues. In March, Sharif met with President Trump in Washington D.C., where they discussed ways to cooperate in fighting terrorism. This was an important meeting because it showed that both sides are willing to cooperate in order to improve relations.

Last but not least, Trump has shown a willingness to engage Islamabad on more positive terms. For example, Trump visited Afghanistan in July and spoke about how he wants reconciliation between Kabul and Washington instead of confrontation (which was his predecessor’s policy). Additionally, Trump has praised Sharif for his efforts in counterterrorism and improving ties with other countries. This is likely to have a positive impact on the relations between these two nations.

Attempt to mend the relationship between US and Pakistan

Pakistan has been working towards repairing its relationship with the United States for some time now. President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan have developed a good rapport, and both parties seem to be working hard to improve relations. There are many reasons why the two countries may be trying to patch things up.

One of the main reasons is that Pakistan is an important ally in the war on terrorism. The United States has been a major supporter of Pakistan militarily and financially, and it is in both countries best interests to have close ties. Pakistan also helps balance out China’s influence in South Asia.

There are still some obstacles to overcome, however. The two countries disagree on many issues, including how to handle Afghanistan and Kashmir. But progress has been made, and it seems likely that the two countries will eventually repair their relationship.


Since the start of the year, there have been a number of indications that Pakistan is trying to make things right with the United States. For example, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Washington and met with President Donald Trump in early February. Later that month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with his Pakistani counterpart during which they discussed cooperating against terrorism and other issues. And finally, just last week, Pakistan announced that it would shut down two military-run centers used by the CIA for spying purposes.

These developments suggest that Pakistan wants normalized relations with America and is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. It remains to be seen whether these efforts will be successful, but for now, it seems like Islamabad is making good on its promises.


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