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Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori Bio

Jaya Kishori in Hindi Jaya Kishori, a storyteller and hymn singer, is well-known both domestically and overseas. In this article, we’ll provide you an overview of Jaya Kishori ji’s life (Jaya Kishori Biography in Hindi). The audience are made to dance by narrator Jaya Kishori’s rendition of Nani Bai Ro Mairo.

Let us inform you that Jaya Kishori, who has been involved in spirituality since she was nine years old, has a wealth of information. Despite going by Jaya Sharma, she is better known to her followers as Jaya Kishori. Jaya Kishori ji is renowned for his motivational speeches and life management advice. Occasionally, she discusses various life-related issues in seminars and webinars. 

On social media, Jaya Kishori ji has a sizable following. Millions, not millions, of people follow him. They are excited to hear his inspirational views and story. Jaya Kishori ji very kindly and skillfully responds to the inquiries from her devotees. As a result, lines of people are standing by to ask them questions. So let’s learn about Jaya Kishori ji’s life introduction today (Jaya Kishori Biography in Hindi)

Jaya Sharma is her name.

Birthplace: 13 July 1995 (Rajasthan)

Shiv Shankar Sharma is his father’s name.

Name of mother: Sonia

One Sister among Siblings Chetna Sharma is both married and single.

Kolkata-based Mahadevi Birla World Academy is a school and college. B.Com. degree required.

25 years old (as on 2021) 

Jaya Sharma is the name of Jaya Kishori ji. He was born on July 13, 1995, into a Gaur Brahmin family in the Rajasthani town of Sujangarh. Shiv Shankar Sharma is Jaya Kishori’s father, while Sonia Sharma is her mother. There is a sister there as well. Chetna Sharma is his name. 

Jaya Kishori, who rose to fame at an early age through the narration of tales like Bhagwat Geeta, Nani Bai Ka Myro, and Narsi Ka Bhaat, is also heavily discussed in her private life. Jaya Kishori, who was born in Rajasthan, today resides in Kolkata with her family. But his fame extends beyond the borders of the nation. 

Jaya Kishori attended the Mahadevi Birla World Academy in Kolkata for her formal education. He finished his B.Com courses after that. Jaya Kishori, who is around 9 years old, has wowed hundreds of listeners by singing a variety of Sanskrit hymns, including Shiva Tandava Stotram, Daridraya Dahan Shiva Stotram, Ramashtakam, Madhurastakam, and Srirudrashtakam. 

When she was just 10 years old, Jaya Kishori sang the invariably successful Sampoorna Sunderkand, which won her a special place in the hearts of millions of listeners. Since then, he has gained a plethora of followers who are eager to see him in person. 

Everyone is curious about Jaya Kishori’s husband. However, we must inform you that Jaya Kishori ji is still single. She has stated in one of her interviews that she is just a regular woman and neither a hermit nor a monk. He declared that he is not yet married. It’s too late, and she would never want marriage to have an impact on her story.

 The personal life of Jaya Kishori intrigues her admirers greatly. For instance, what is her wedding date and who are her friends? How well is he forming a family? These queries are frequently searched for online as well. On social media, inquiries about their union are frequent. One of these videos had Jaya Kishori talking about her marriage. 

According to Jaya Kishori ji in a video posted by Sanskar TV, having their wedding in Kolkata would be ideal. She is welcome to eat whenever she wants at her house in this circumstance. However, if she marries and moves somewhere, her condition is that her parents move there as well. This allows their parents to move in close by and live with them as well. 

Regarding her personal past, Jaya Kishori revealed in one of her interviews that she was quite mischievous as a youngster and that she had a strong affinity to spirituality. She was never able to sit still as a child. She frequently visited the homes of her neighbours because of this, and they all cherished her. 

Please let it be known that Jaya Kishori’s guru Pandit Shri Govindramji Mishra bestowed the title of “Kishori ji” upon her in recognition of her devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. Kishori is informed by Jaya that she won’t be able to spend much time with her guru. 

Jaya Kishori donates the money she receives from her stories to the Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur. This group cares for the underprivileged while operating a hospital for the disabled and handicapped. Narayan Seva Sansthan also manages a number of Gaushalas. 

Jaya Kishori ji received the honour. 

As is generally known, Jaya Kishori ji has taken part in significant events both domestically and internationally. In such a circumstance, he has won numerous prizes. 

Jaya Kishori ji is listed as one of the 18320 enlightened persons in the Fame India Asia Post Survey 2019 Youth Icon Survey report. 


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